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Strapless embroidered Corset

Sexy Lingerie, Madam Cudelle started it....

A long, long time ago in 1889, in a far, far away place, France, there was no sexy lingerie. The Corset; not classed as sexy lingerie at all, was the only primary undergarment worn by the female. The corset was NOT meant to be Sexy Lingerie. The intent of these tightly constricted pieces of clothing was intended to play down her attributes.

Then, it happened. Madam Cudelle started it all. Madam Cudelle of France cut out the midriff of her corset to allow more movement from the waist; and hey presto 'The Brassiere' was invented, and this was the start of Sexy lingerie. As they say: the rest is history.

Sexy lingerie become essential for women. Thanks to the male appreciation for the female breasts, women want to display them (both of them). Women have ever since discovered one way after another to display their charms in such a way that no man could possibly ignore the breast. Sexy lingerie is now intended to exhibit the female attributes.


Sexy lingerie, of course, may not be for everyone. The most straight-laced of ultra-conservative men may not like sexy lingerie. However, it would be hard to find a man on the planet who doesn't have a very special appreciation for sexy, lacy, curvy, sensuous sexy lingerie. The best about sexy lingerie is its brevity. For sexy lingerie, less is more, to see.

Those Who Enjoy Sexy Lingerie...
What man doesn't thoroughly enjoy getting home from work and finding his lover waiting for him dressed in a set of sexy lingerie? What woman doesn't enjoy the wonderful feeling of looking sensuous when wearing a few lacy items that only accentuate her natural curves and make her all the more alluring? What couple doesn't get turned on to each other when she is dressed in lace and he is likewise decked out in a satin set of briefs and a matching robe?
Besides the department store and catalog resources, most cities have at least one shop that caters to a clientele which appreciates the more risque' types of lingerie. In recent years, these establishments have become sophisticated enough for both men and women to shop in openly. Seeing couples purusing the various items on display has become common place. If you are not satisfied with the Victoria's Secret kind of intimate wear, perhaps a trip to such a shop in your area would result in some purchases more to your liking. However, those
who live in more rural or remote areas can still find some extremely nice items via catalogs or by using Internet resources.
Enjoying intimacy following the slow disrobing of a beautiful set of lingerie can enhance a sexual encounter in many wonderful ways. Treating a man to a visual display of physical femininity is sure to solicit a loving response.
Couples who share this kind of prelude to intimacy, whether it is often or occassional, will find themselves reminded that those who work at love are sure to enjoy it all the more.


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